Why MerdeNo2? In a world filled with so much "stuff" we thought how can we be better? With consumers being conditioned daily to purchase more, us included, we thought let's make something that can really be less impactful on the planet. How did we do that? We started with silicone toppers. Why silicone? Well it doesn't break down like plastic. That's good news for the planet and us! Fun fact. Silica is made from silica found in sand. It can be recycled and if it is burned it does not release toxins and reverts back into its own harmless ingredients! How cool is that? Next our gasket is made out of recycled plastic.We work with a fantastic company that uses anodized aluminum hard coating. Did you know anodized aluminum is just as recyclable as traditional aluminum? Another win. I love this word. Pipette. Sounds so elegant. Our glass pipette is a no brainer, cause straws suck. Straws in general are bad. Not only are nearly 400 million dumped into our landfills a year, they are also extremely harmful to our precious wildlife. We love our animal friends. So somewhere you wouldn't think about is labels. Our beautiful labels are actually sustainable, compostable, biodegradable and 100 percent recycled! Wow wow. All of these things combat climate change. Most importantly we decided to spend more on our beautiful bespoke bottles. We said no to plastic and yes to recycled glass. That means we are reducing related are pollution by 20 percent and related water pollution by 50 percent! All of this maters and if you think of how much we use of anything in our lifetime it all matters! You can also take it a step further and soak your pretty bottle in hot water to remove the label and viola. Reusable cuteness. So tho we aren't perfect we truly tried to do our best to offer a chic, clean version of toilet drops that wouldn't compromise our precious planet. It's a good day to have a great day. You are appreciated. xo,us